Thursday, 1 February 2018

Review: Coco

Death is an unusually dark topic for a Pixar film although films like InsideOut and Up have previously dealt with mental health, ageing and loss.

The trailer also didn't instantly appeal as it looked very much in the vein of Nightmare Before Christmas  - a film I admire for the technical ambition and imagination - but which never quite grabbed me emotionally.

So, it's a pleasure to write that Coco is  well conceived, melancholic and visually stunning. The city of the dead, in particular, is incredibly rich in detail and colour.

The plot does drag a little in places, but takes an appropriately dark turn towards the end which revived my sagging interest.  Storywise, it even feels a bit formulaic.

The character animation is quite lifelike now. There is one scene featuring a very young child reaching out - and they felt completely real.

Verdict: Not  top tier Pixar, but still good.

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